Vivori: Road-Tested! A Rather Skeptical Take


Okay, let's be real. We've all seen those sleek Vivori ads promising gorgeous, high-quality jewelry at prices that don't scream dollars literally. As someone who loves a good deal but is chronically skeptical when it comes to jewelry, I had to try them out. Could this millennial-focused brand possibly deliver?

Anyways, like many of us, I appreciate the idea of lasting, ethically-made jewelry. But let's face it, my budget and my ideals don't always play nicely together. Vivori's mix of gold, precious stones, and trend-forward designs piqued my interest. Plus, their whole "you don't need to break the bank" message was music to my frugal ears. 

So with that's said, here's my unbiased take and review of Vivori's pieces.

How Does It Actually Hold Up 3 Months Later?

I took the plunge and ordered the Archen Elegant Chain Necklace, the Delicate Disruption Layered Ring, and the Leaves of Fortune Arm Cuff. Honestly, I was half-expecting flimsy, tarnish-prone pieces that looked good in photos but wouldn't survive a busy week.

But boy was I wrong!

Well, folks, I've worn these pieces almost non-stop for three months – through workouts, and even the occasional accidental overnight snooze. And I have to admit, they've held up surprisingly well. No mystery fading, no weird skin reactions, and those trendy designs still look sharp.

A Quick Rundown Of Each Piece.

This Archen Elegant Chain Necklace was my first Vivori purchase, and it has exceeded my expectations. The paperclip design is incredibly versatile, as it allowed me to easily blend it in with both casual and formal outfits. The 18k solid gold feels substantial and luxurious, plus, it’s surprisingly sturdy—I wear it daily, and it still looks brand new.

I’m all about making a statement, and this Delicate Disruption Layered Ring does just that. The chunky, organic design is bold and unique. If you love standing out, this ring is a must-have. The 18k solid gold gives it a rich, warm hue, and the weight feels substantial on my finger. 

LEAVES OF FORTUNE ARM CUFF (18k Gold - $28.90):
The Leaves of Fortune Arm Cuff is pure elegance. Definitely something I haven't seen before, so I gave it a go. The delicate leaf and chain details are exquisite—each vein and curve is meticulously crafted. Despite its dramatic appearance, it’s surprisingly lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day. When I slip it on, I feel like a goddess. Whether I’m dressing up for a special occasion or adding flair to a simple outfit, this arm cuff never fails to impress.

Sooooo, are they Perfect? Not quite. 

Now now, let's not get carried away. While they all look pretty gorgeous for what they're asking for, a diamond is still a diamond, and solid gold will always outlast plated metal. Nothing can change that.

But for the price, Vivori's quality is pretty impressive. Plus, their modern, minimalist style is way more my vibe than the generic stuff at most department stores.

My Verdict? Worth Exploring, with a Dose of Healthy Realism.

If you're a jewelry lover on a budget who appreciates current trends, Vivori is definitely worth checking out. Manage your expectations (you're not getting Cartier quality here!), but you might be pleasantly surprised at how much style you can get for the price. Just don't blame me if you end up with a full jewelry box of their pieces – they're kinda addictive. 😉