New Year, New Obsession: My Vivori Haul Review

Okay, so hear me out!

I'm a sucker for anything gold. But let's be real, those fancy jewelry stores make me feel like I need to grind for an exorbitant amount to afford a single earring. But Vivori's pieces? Their 18k gold pieces give me that luxurious feel without the mini heart attack from my credit bill arrives. 


Just to get this out of the way – I bought these goodies with my own hard-earned cash. This Vivori review is totally unsponsored.

Review Of My Vivori Haul

While gold-plated jewelry isn't USUALLY meant to last forever like my grandma's treasures. But when actually done right, it can actually it can be as fabulous and long-lasting...

I'm confident to say, the guys over at Vivori actually managed to pull it off. 

Vivori also gets bonus points for their presentation – the box, the pouch... it feels like unwrapping absolute luxury without the jawdropping price tag that usually comes with an experience like this. The pieces themselves also has a satisfying weight and quality to them that screams "this isn't some flimsy impulse buy." So shoutout to Vivori for coming up with something this solid considering its price.

So to kick things off, we'll start with the Diantha's Grace Earrings!

These are straight up my croissant-shaped earrings dreams come true. I know, I know, there are plenty of croissant shaped earrings out there, but a lot of them are actually hoops. And unlike the majority, I'm very much not into that, really. 🫠

These come with an open-ended design giving it a rather unique flair, they're incredibly comfy on the ears, and as predicted, very much versatile regardless of what I wear it with.

Honestly, I might need a second pair in fear of running out of croissant pieces that isn't hoop-based. 

Next up on my haul is the Hailey Layered Necklace. Talk about elegance! It satisfied my chunky-chic chain craving without looking like I raided a rapper's jewelry box.

Jokes aside though, initially, my plan was to order a separate necklaces for layering. One herringbone, and another with a rope-chain design. Thankfully, I came across the Hailey, as it saved me a bit of cash given that I pretty much get two of the necklace that I wanted for the price of one. 

As for the necklace itself, it has a very nice heft to it, looks pretty good regardless of what coord I pair it with, and surprisingly, I've gathered plenty of compliments because of it in our most recent company dinner. 

Oh, and yes, both of these pieces are 18K Gold plated, by the way!

I guess its safe to say that, Vivori won me over.

I like that Vivori is open about where their company is from (details here). Businesses can get shady, so their commitment to ethical practices is a big plus. The fact that they offer a LIFETIME warranty shows they believe in their products. Honestly, they've won me over. Their prices match the quality, making them perfect for everything from special gifts to 'just because' treats. 

Ever since I've had my pieces on, people won't stop asking how and where I got my pieces from. Even to an extent, guessing its one of those luxury brands. haha 

Anyways, I highly suggest going through Vivori's whole catalog, as I'm pretty confident they'll have the perfect piece for you regardless of your taste. Whether it be something perky, peachy, vintage, loud, you name it!

Given that each of their piece are crafted with equal love, care, and with conscious ethic, you can never go wrong with any of their selection.